Het Karperveen

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Het Karperveen is only rented entirely
to a maximum of 4 anglers

Het Karperveen is a real peat water with a lot of snags above
and under the water. The view of the drowned trees and peat stacks does
immediately remind you of the famous French Rainbow Lake, therefore fishermen
call it sometimes "Mini Rainbow".

" Kanaalke 1 "

Fishing on het Karperveen does require experience within the snag fishery, which at the same time explains the difficulty.
To make it easier, a solid rowing boat ;where an electric motor can be mounted on; will be available. During the fight, it is therefore required to use the rowboat in the more difficult areas. A storage bag, weighing scales with a tripod, a landing net and an unhooking mat will be foreseen. This to prevent the transmission of diseases. The lake is foreseen of a lake house which is equipped with all the necessary comforts. Only toiletries, towels and bedding (blankets / pillows / bed cover) should be brought along.

" The history "

Het Karperveen sits for 4 generations in our family, and was created by my grandfather to what it still is today. All these years it just was fished by family and friends. This allows het Karperveen to have a very personal character. Each pit, hole and gar chomp was formed over the years by mother nature.

Many fish also go back a long time in history. Over the years, the stock has been upgraded in a balanced way and nothing of the nostalgia of yesteryear has been lost.


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Name: Karperveen (mini Rainbow Lake)
Province: Belgian Limburg
Period: November 15 to March 1
Groote: 1.9 Ha
Soil: predominantly soft mud bottom with hard sand and stone spots
General profile: Many ground obstacles and overhanging bushes, fallen trees
Depth: 1m to 1m80
Difficulty: 8/10 obstacle water
Number of fisherman: max 4
Number of lines: 2 per angler
Access: by car to the swim.
Price without  house: weekend 495€ midweek 630€ week 960€
Price with house: weekend 695€ midweek 895€ week 1355€
Guarantee amount: 150€ to be payed at arrival
Cleaning service: 30€ (required when bringing dogs)
Stock: mirror / scale / gold carp / grass carp / pike

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