Because our hobby is already quite expensive, Gills & Scales also rents all kinds of gear along to bring to your favorite Carp Water. This way you should not purchase it, which allows you to always use new material.

All the rented gear is always up-to date and can be collected at the following locations:


Click here
to hire
a baitboat


Type 1: RT4 baitboat with standard Toslon FishFinder (TF500) 15 euro / day
Type 2: RT4 baitboat with Toslon FishFinder & GPS (Toslon TF640) 25 euro / day
Type 3: Toslon X-Boat baitboat with FishFinder & GPS & Autopilot 25 euro / day


100 euro deposit at pickup  
Extra info:  
Video on how to charge the battery
Video on how to use the baitboat
Opening hours Carpgear:
Wednesday: 11h - 18h
Thursday: 13h - 19h
Friday: 11h - 18h
Saturday: 9h -15h


" Baitboat "

The baitboats can be rented with a Toslon depth meter or with a Toslon GPS system. Each boat is equiped with a manual, a carrying bag, a fast charger and more then enough batteries so you won't have to constantly charge them when you're in the fish.


Click here to rent a cooler

Prices Coolers:

Type 1: Dometic CFX 100w (largest model) incl 100h jarocell (and charger) (CFX100W) 25 euro / day
Type 2: Dometic CFX 65W (mid-size model) incl 100h jarocell (and charger) (CFX65W) 20 euro / day
Type 3: Dometic CFX 40W (smallest model) incl 100h jarocell (and charger) (CFX40W) 15 euro / day
100 euro warranty on collection  
Opening hours Carpgear:
Wednesday: 11h - 18h
Thursday: 13h - 19h
Friday: 11h - 18h
Saturday: 9h -15h


" elektric coolers "

These coolers can freeze until -22, the perfect solution for your freezer baits or deep frozen nutrition.
The temperature can be easily configured via the display. The USB port allows you to easily charge your phone.  Thanks to the attached 100h jarocell battery, u can at least cool for 6 days without any problem when using the biggest model. In case the battery would die, it can always be charged within 4 hours and the cooler will easily keep his temperature during while the battery is charging.

Electro motor

You do own a rowing boat, but you would rather navigate smoother?

This is possible with an electric motor. The majority of rowing boats / zodiacs are equipped in order to mount one.

We rent the heavier models for the big boats, but also some lighter ones for a zodiac. These are always provided with two batteries, optionally with a Lithium-ion battery, and a fast charger so you will never run out of a power source.


Electromotor with Litium-Ion (Jaro Cells) 15 euro / day





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