Wij zijn Gills & Scales

  1. Gills & Scales is a young but solid company,which has deliberately chosen for a slow growth with a long-term vision. A brief outline of the history….

  2. May 2010

    The family lake, Karperveen, will be purchased from my grandfather. The renovation of the lake house and the redesign of the water and land can start.

  3. October 2010

    The contract is signed with the owner of the Kanaalke, the heavy refurbishment work can start.

    October 2010

  4. March - June 2013

    The first promotion is conducted for Het Karperveen
    and Het Kanaalke. The first customers quickly find
    their way to both waters, and with success!

  5. Winter 2013 - 2014

    Het Kanaalke is having a makeover. The road is being redesigned, a sanitary unit has been provided and
    the swims got a solid surface. The first fish
    supplies on Het Kanaalke and Het Karperveen are
    also a fact.

  6. November 2014

    The purchase of the 3rd Water, Forest Valley is a fact. Immediately after the purchase, Forest Valley will have 35 new fish, one of them hits nearly 26 kg. Ready for the 2015 season!

  7. March 20, 2015

    The beautiful Forest Valley has been equipped with
    kitchen unit, refrigerator, freezer, toilet and shower.

  8. June 1, 2015

    Gills & Scales hires his first employee,Kelly Vanroei, in order to further improve the service at our lakes.

  9. December 2015

    Kanaalke 1 has been stocked with 750 kilo of young carp between 10 to 15kg. A top release of more than 46 fish between 15 and 32 kilos on Kanaalke 2, Forest Valley and Karperveen. With this the largest mirror carp of The Netherlands.

  10. Februari 2017

    Gills & scales goes to Germany and starts the discussions to buy the Dreamvalley complex. Unfortunately, these conversations result in a no-go

  11. Juni 2017

    A big fish mortality hits Forest Valley and killed our two top fish of the water. A poisoned black day in the history of Gills & Scales.

  12. November 2017

    Forest Valley is equiped with 29 new young carp, with an extra surprise from the fish farmer, a gorgeous 23kg mirror as topfish.

  13. December 2017

    We start by feeding specially developed D-cell + boilies to look at the effect on the health, growth and recovery of the carp.

  14. November 2018

    Gills & Scales closes a top year. Many catches, but especially fish that grow like cabbage! The D-cell + Boilies really work! Now we'll feed a winter and then we are ready for 2019 ....

Still more to come...

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